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What We Do

iguanafarmGroup (IGF) is a web-based technology and engineering company that specializes in product development. That seems like a pretty broad statement, but it's always been the company mantra that if it's web-based, it's fair game.

Product Development

From soup to nuts, from conception to launch, IGF specializes in developing product ideas and getting them to market. It's our favorite thing to do.

Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud computing is a key part of the web development process. Using Amazon Web Services, we focus on mapping out all the necessary components to ensure your website or application runs smoothly.

Custom Development

As a consultant, or project lead, IGF works closely with clients to develop software solutions to fit their needs, including both front-end and back-end development.

Meet the Founders

Way back in 1999, at the onset of the Dot-Com boom, two former co-workers from a medical technology company founded a web development business and named it after a well known reptilian from Central America. Their first project resulted in t-shirts and the promise of fortune to come (which panned out nicely, by the way).

They got married, survived the Dot-Com bust, developed ReplyManager, an email management application for eCommerce, sold ReplyManager in 2015 and continue to develop web projects from their own little piece of paradise in Hobe Sound, Florida (voted the #1 beach town in the United States in 2015). Somewhere in between they've managed to have 2 children and are hoping the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because they could sure use the help.

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